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Achy Brachy Adoption Application

We ask that you please refrain from filling out an application until you are ready to adopt and have a puppy in mind that is currently available for adoption. 

This application must be completed on a desktop as it is not mobile friendly.

* To be approved,​

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • The application must be filled out to it's entirety

  • The application must be filled out correctly

  • All animals in household must be up to date on vaccinations and monthly preventions

  • Personal references and professional references must check out

  • Veterinary reference must check out

  • If applying from out of the state of FL, please understand that there will be travel fees associated. The puppy must be picked up or flown in cabin with one of our flight nannies - cost will be added to adoption fee. 


  • We feel it is our responsibility to make certain each person who adopts a dog is fully aware of the responsibilities of pet guardianship, and is capable/willing to accept those responsibilities- physically and financially.  Not all who desire to adopt, should.

  • Please understand that, Achy Brachy Clefties Rescue, Inc. can deny any application for any reason we see fit.

  • By completing this questionnaire, you will aid us in determining if you and your family are indeed the correct fit for one of our puppies. Should you agree that adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment, please fill out this questionnaire. 

  • We ask you to be as detailed as possible in hopes of better understanding your household and our puppies’ potential new homes.

We will NOT adopt to those who do not have accurate and complete Veterinary records of vaccinations/preventions.

*Please be aware that your application WILL NOT be considered if it is incomplete.*


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