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Q: What kind of special care do cleft-affected puppies require?

A: Depending on the defect, most cleft affected animals live wonderfully normal lives. Cleft Lip affected puppies are normal dogs as the cleft is strictly cosmetic. In some cases, a tooth or two may need to be pulled but otherwise, there is no intervention. Cleft palate-affected puppies typically only require dietary restrictions. You want to stay away from any foods that may become impacted in the cleft i.e peanut butter, wet foods, etc. You'll want to maintain a kibble and water-only diet.

Q: Do my dogs need heartworm/flea/tick preventatives?

A: YES! All dogs should be on a monthly preventative. Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease that is 100% preventable. 


Q: What vaccines does my dog need?

 A: We require that all of our Achy Brachy alumni adhere to the AAHA's (American Animal Hospital Association) schedule for core vaccines. Additionally, we encourage adopters to discuss the necessity for and potential benefits of noncore vaccines with their veterinarian. 

Click here to learn more about vaccine schedules and the importance of keeping your pets vaccinated. 

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